We have a vision to revitalize the Yorklyn Valley to its former charm. Together, we can transform a vacant manufacturing plant into a vibrant community alive with new growth, green efforts, and endless opportunities for outdoor activity and cultural enrichment.

Railroad Turntable

A railroad turnable is a circular horizontal rotating platform pivoted in the center and equipped with a railway track, used for turning locomotives and cars around. A turntable is truly a wonderfully fun attraction for all to enjoy!

As part of the Wilmington & Western Railroad, the railroad turntable at Yorklyn Village would be located right at the heart of it all.

Below are inspirational pictures of the Railroad Turntable in Frostburg, Maryland.

Frostburg Turntable

Frostburg, Maryland

Image Source: http://captainkimo.com/train-station-roundabout-west-maryland/

Frostburg Turntable

Forstburg, Maryland

Image Source: Bud Thomas